London | The City Where It All Happens!

Brooklake’s founded iand launched as an independent startup in Helsinki, London and Stockholm in March 2018.

Hundreds of travel and leisure purchasing decisions are being influenced daily by Brooklake’s unique and trusted high-quality content;  about career, food, drink, entertainment, film, jobs, music, attractions, art, culture, shopping, night-life, hotels,  travel and real estate.

This is not a guide for the average tourist. We will not show you the best place to buy tacky souvenirs, sell you generic guided tours, or highlight the same old tourist attractions.

We are passionate about what we do and our passion to thrive for excellence helps us to stand out. We aspire to provide a superior customer experience through all our work and keep winning the trust of our clients.

Things are moving really fast here, and we’re impacting the world in a way we never expected. We’d love it if you joined us as partners in this journey. Oh, and the best part? We’re still growing! New cities and neighborhoods will be launched soon, so what are you waiting for? Have a look around.